The best form
of self-care is

Love U Too is a safe space for busy professionals to practice self-acceptance so they can calm their anxieties and feel good about themselves.

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Dominique is wearing a yellow harem jumper, bracelet, and earrings. She is sitting on a dark blue sofa, in front of white curtains and smiling while looking a little to the left and above the camera.

Enjoy the Moment

Do you make time to just enjoy the little moments...

Dominique is clutching a fluffy turquoise pillow with one hand. Her head is tilted to the right as she looks at the camera with a slight smile.

Protect Yourself

Do you set boundaries for yourself? Do you feel guilty...

Find Your People

In 1992, three philosophers asked, “What about your friends? Will...

Dominique is looking at the camera wearing a black and white headwrap and black lipstick. She is in front of a black background. Only her shoulders up are visible.

Take Control

  This is a story about control. Word to Janet...

Meet Dominique, your Self-Acceptance & Color Therapy Coach

Self-Acceptance is the best for of self-care. And it takes practice.

I know because although I started Love U Too almost 10 years ago, it took a 5-year break to realize I still needed to change the story I tell myself!

Throughout my 20s and early 30s, a huge piece of my self-worth was directly tied to my accomplishments and productivity.

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