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Before you continue, have you read “Your Body Is Amazing” and “Change Your Hair”? If not, I recommend you do so and then come back. If you have read them, GREAT! You’re ready to find out just how to fall in love with your hair (even more ;)). And since this is new addition, I thought I’d explain how it works.

Inspiration to Action is the overall idea behind how Love U Too can help you using 3 steps:

  1. Inspiration: the system begins with a post like Your Body Is Amazing meant to get you excited about the upcoming month,
  2. Operation Love U: next, I get a little personal with a post like Change Your Hair by sharing something I’ve done and why I think it will help you too,
  3. Love List: and then I bring it all together by sharing ideas for what you can do to make the overall message work for you!

38 Ways to Fall In Love With Your Hair

Self Love Action List | Dying your hair an unnatural color is a great way to go big...and it's also my favorite! (It's also usually not permanent!)

Go Big

  • Dye all of your hair an unnatural color
  • Dye all of your hair a bold “natural” color (think red or blonde)
  • Color a bold design into your hair
  • Shave both sides
  • Shave the back too (!!!!)
  • Cut your hair really short
  • Rock a baldie (no hair bae!)
  • Go natural
  • Learn to color your own hair*
  • Learn to cornrow/flat twist
  • Learn to crochet braid
  • Learn how to box braid/twist
  • Get a sew-in (in a style/color/length you’ve never worn)
  • Try a brand new makeup look

Self Love Action List | One of the easiest ways to start small is to try a new type of earring. Go big if you normally go small. Go small if you normally go big. I didn't wear studs for years only to learn that they look great with my current haircut!

Start Small

  • Learn (a new way) to tie headscarves
  • Buy a new hat
  • Buy a new headband
  • Try a half (or full) wig
  • Try hair clip-ins
  • Try chalk or spray-on hair color
  • Get some bobby pins/clips
  • Find a hair muse (or several)
  • Try a new earring style
  • Try new glasses/sunglasses
  • Buy for a new makeup product

Self Love Action List | Trying a new technique for a familiar look is the perfect way to play it safe. You get the comfort of a style you know you'll love with the perk of learning a new skill.

Play It Safe

  • Go to a new stylist
  • Go to a specialty salon
  • Have braids/twists professionally done
  • Go to a colorist
  • Go to a barber
  • Get an undercut
  • Dye a small section (like an under color)
  • Get highlights
  • Grow your hair out
  • Get your hair straightened*
  • Try a new technique for an familiar look
  • Get a new wig in a style/length/color you’ve never worn
  • Try a new hair product/brand

Did I miss any?Let us know in the comments below!

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*If you decide to color your own hair or get your hair straightened, do a lot of research. Both require a lot of maintenance and care before, during and after. 🙂Self Love Action List | 38 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Hair | What can you do today?

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