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Before you continue, have you read “You Are Gifted” and “Learn From Your Gifts”? If not, I recommend you do so and then come back. If you have, you’re ready to find out just how gifted you are. And since this is new addition, I thought I’d explain how it works.

Inspiration to Action is the overall idea behind how Love U Too can help you using a 3-step system:

  1. Inspiration: the system begins with a post like You Are Gifted meant to get you excited about the upcoming month,
  2. Operation Love U: next, I get a little personal with a post like Learn From Your Gifts by sharing something I’ve done and why I think it will help you too,
  3. Love List: and then I bring it all together by sharing ideas for what you can do to make the overall message work for you!

Now without further ado, here’s your first Love List!

41 Ways to Use Your Gifts

Self Love Action | One of the easiest ways to be inspired is to hop on Pinterest and it looks like you're already here! Just be sure you watch the time ;)

Be Inspired

  • Do something outside
  • Explore a new place
  • Go on a trip
  • Find a local festival/event
  • Browse Pinterest
  • Take photos
  • Revisit your interests (new and old)
  • Read a new book
  • Watch a new documentary
  • Find a new fav quote
  • Clean/declutter a space
  • Listen to music (new or old fav)
  • Try a new recipe
  • Get a coloring book
  • Visit an art supply store
  • Visit a home improvement store
  • Read/free write before bed

Self Love Action | Meetup.com is a great way to be social...just make sure you actually attend! Seriously, I didn't for a longtime.

Be Social

  • Join meetup.com
  • Attend your scheduled Meetups (seriously, I didn’t for a longtime)
  • Talk to strangers
  • Ask a friend what you’re good at
  • Speak to a therapist/coach
  • Try a new restaurant/shop
  • Explore your area like a tourist

Self Love Action | Write down every single idea you have. Write it in a notebook, a Google Doc, Evernote (my fav) or your fav notes app!

Be Open-Minded

  • Write down every idea you have
  • Share your wisdom by teaching others
  • Write down your strengths and talents
  • Start a journal
  • Find a new spot to sit in your home
  • Try something new (anything)
  • Do something you think you won’t enjoy
  • Find a new route
  • Switch up your morning routine
  • Research something random
  • Take a free webinar/class
  • Take a paid webinar/class
  • Read Inc/Fast Company
  • Catch up on news in your industry
  • Give yourself a new project
  • Redo an old project with a new view
  • DIY something for yourself/your home

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below

Give yourself the love you deserve with a Self Love Check-In! Every Sunday, you’ll get A Letter to U (from you) and downloadable color cards to use for your needs.

Self Love Action | 41 Ways to Use Your Gifts What can you do today?

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