Hey Love! I’m Dominique Wilson and I’m a Self Acceptance & Color Therapy Coach.

Self acceptance is what happens when you learn to be happy with who you are right now but it doesn’t happen overnight.

I created Love U Too to help people create self acceptance strategies and shifts.

I do this by using my professional experience as an advertising Art Director and my lifelong obsession with colors to help you understand how colors affect your life.

Colors are one of the most powerful tools we have access to. They inform our decisions, affect our moods, and help us interact with other people without us even realizing it.

By understanding your unique needs and the colors you surround yourself with, you can change how you feel about yourself. You can love who you are right now!

Give yourself the love you deserve with a Self Love Check-In! Every Sunday, you’ll get A Letter to U (from you) and downloadable color cards to use for your needs.

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