I Love My Body | Love Letter

I love my body. I love its power and strength. I love the things that make my body different. I love the changes in my body as I age and I welcome them.

Because my body is deserving of love and kindness. Praise and admiration. And it deserves it from me!

I am in love with the shape of my body. The color of my skin. The texture of my hair. The uniqueness of my face. I love my body no matter who’s looking and no matter who else is being celebrated.

I deserve to take up space. I deserve to be seen and to be heard. I am in charge of my body. It is mine and mine alone.

I choose to take care of my body in my own special way. By giving it what it needs. By listening to it and nurturing it. By protecting it and resting it. By honoring it and celebrating it. And most importantly, by doing whatever I want with it*.

I forgive myself for how I have spoken about my body. And I forgive myself for any harm I may have caused it.

I appreciate my body. I accept my body. I love my body.

How do you feel about your body? Let me know in the comments!

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I love my body


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