Love U With Color: Dark Brown

Do you love your body? Or is appreciating and accepting your body something you struggle with? If you want to improve your relationship with your body, dark brown might just be the color for U!

Dark brown is....

Dark brown is…

Dark brown is grounding. It’s calming. It’s centering. Dark brown is strong. It’s protective. It’s powerful. Dark brown is giving. It’s reliable. It’s present. Dark brown is warm and inviting. It’s important and worthy. And it is a symbol of nature’s beauty*.

How do you feel about dark brown?

How do U feel about dark brown?

If you like dark brown, you may see the importance in being in tune with your body. Maybe you feel rebalanced and rejuvenated after spending time outside. Or maybe you find strength and inner peace through meditation and prayer.

Maybe dark brown stimulates your desire to step into your power! Being drawn to dark brown may also appeal to your need to feel valued. Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to feel connected to the world around you. Maybe you want to know that you belong. These are all totally natural feelings to have when you see dark brown.

If you don’t like dark brown, maybe you feel disconnected. Either from your body, nature, or the people around you. You may feel lost or anxious. You might also have a negative association to some of the things mentioned above due to your lived experiences.

Maybe it makes you think of dirt, bugs, and uncomfortable weather. Or maybe you don’t feel like you’ve found “your people” yet. There’s also a chance that dark brown hasn’t been presented to you in a positive light…like there’s something wrong with it.

Take the time to think about your negative associations so that you understand them. But don’t force yourself to use dark brown if you don’t want to. There are other fish in the sea and other colors too!

Dark brown in pop culture

Dark brown in popular culture…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people tell me that they “absolutely hate” brown. So as you decided whether or not dark brown is for you, try to be open-minded. There are two ways dark brown is “popular”: on your body and around your body.

Look at how many large makeup brands have finally begun to expand their product lines to include a more representative range of complexion products….as well as products that work on a wider variety of skin tones.

Look at how many smaller, independent brands that have popped up to fill the gaps those brands have missed with the type of expertise that can only be gained through lived experience.

Then, look at the fact that pretty much everyone can now find their true nude in the form of clothing, undergarments, lipsticks, and even shoes.

Representation matters! It means that a dark brown person has a significantly better chance of finding products for their skin tone (undertone included). It also means that an extremely pale person has a better chance of finding theirs too!

When people who look like you aren’t represented positively….or when you can’t find products that are made for you (or they aren’t widely available), it can be more difficult to feel good about how you look*.

On the flip side, if you only see people who look like you, you risk being less accepting of people who are different. And the second your own body changes, you may find yourself filled with feelings of unworthiness and hatred towards your body.

Nobody deserves that! And with the popularity of social media, we all have it within our power to share and appreciate our bodies (and beauty) in all its forms!

Now take a look at the things that might be around your body. Specifically, let’s talk about the rise in popularity of natural products. Dark browns are all up in contemporary home/ office design as well as fashion*. Think plants, wood, leather goods, etc.

These pieces help to bring a bit of nature inside. To bring a space (or outfit) into the present. To add character and warmth to a space (or outfit). And these pieces tend to be associated with being strong and long lasting*.

Whether used on the body or around the body, dark brown’s presence can help you to reconnect, to recenter, and to restore your sense of peace.

On your body, that peace might mean a balance between accepting your body as it is and appreciating it for what it does for you. Around your body, that peace might mean a balance between the natural world and your body existing and being a part of it.

Common variations include chocolate, umber, brunette, walnut, espresso, and many more!

How to use dark brown

How to use dark brown

My favorite way to use dark brown on my body is actually by performing tasks that nurture my skin. A few years ago, I got really deep into skin care and makeup. After installing a magnified mirror in my bathroom, I found that I had grown to enjoy the process caring for my skin because I’m spending time massaging my face and getting up close and personal with it.

It’s become a way for me to admire and appreciate my face just as I do while moisturizing my body!

Two years ago, I bought large, dark wood, full-length mirror. I’ve been performing a morning mirror ritual for over 10 years that began with a tip from an old magazine. The tip was to stand naked in front of a mirror a pick out one thing you love about your body.

Over time, that grew to be more things until it just became me admiring my body each morning. Then a few years ago, I also started taking several selfies each morning so I’d have pictures to look back on as I lost weight.

Having performed this ritual for years, I can confidently say that the color (and width) of your mirror’s frame makes a difference. While standing in front of my mirror, I am able to connect with my body in a way that feels natural to me with dark brown all around.

Most recently, I painted my living room dark green!!! I knew it would work well with my dark brown bookshelf, side tables, tv console, AND painted, hardwood floors. After a long day at work, I need help unwinding down. And I tend to spend the majority of the evening sitting in my living room.

For me, having these two colors together is like a visual representation of my favorite meditation sound on*. The two colors work together to help me feel calm and grounded long before I get in bed. I’ve noticed I fall asleep much faster than I used to.

So when using dark brown, think about how you want to feel when you see it!

Consider when and where you you can use it in your life. And decide how much of it you need. Just remember that the intention behind it matters just as much, if not more than the actual size. This allows you to start small and add more (or go bigger) as needed.

Are you drawn to dark brown? Let me know in the comments!

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*Our bodies are included in the beauty of nature.

**Representation matters regardless of your race, complexion, size, shape, abilities, orientation, religion, culture, etc. It all matters!

***Dark brown pieces that only appear to be leather or wood tend to also be associated with being long-lasting. So don’t feel like you need to spend a lot to achieve a look!

***My fav mediation sound on is the “rain on leaves” option!

***Keep in mind that based on our individual cultures, life experiences, abilities, and even age, every color has a unique set of associations. So, if a color (or its associations) doesn’t resonate with you, that’s okay!***

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