Operation Love U: Change Your Hair

Self Love Tips | Operation Love U: Change Your Hair! How can you change your hair today? What's one thing you can do differently this week?

In March of 2005, I cut off all my hair and got a texturizer. Before that I’d mostly worn it relaxed and long (past my shoulders). I had no idea what to expect, I just knew I wanted something drastically different. By May, I decided to just let my hair do what it does because, to be honest, the texturizer had no affect on my hair LOL! In October, I cut my hair again but this time even shorter. I guess you could say that I officially went natural after that. Since then, I’ve cut, grown, and colored my hair more times than I can remember! And in recent years, I’ve become one of those people who may change their hair at any given moment. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that when you change your hair, you uncover more ways your body is amazing. As if that isn’t reason enough, check out the 6 reasons I encourage you to change your hair!

You Can Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

I had no idea that I’d LOVE rocking my hair as short as possible. So it’s pretty amazing that I can just shave it all off again if I don’t like something I did! I learned my favorite hair color is blue and that green hair actually looks pretty good on me. In 2013, I decided to shave my hair hours before going to see Beyonce*. Just as I was finishing up, the guard fell off the clippers and I ended up cutting a huge bald spot in the back of my head. I had to quickly find a barber to “fix it”. And by fix it, I mean perfectly shave the rest off. I learned that I loved being bald even more than my previous lowest cut. I love both looks because I realized I felt the most feminine and beautiful without any hair. My feminine** features had to do all the work and they did their jobs well!

Step out of your comfort zone. Try coloring your hair in a bold hue (or less bold if you’re like me). Get a new haircut. Try a style with a weave or wig. Learn how to tie headscarves. Buy a new hat. A lot of very successful people say that stepping out of their comfort zone was key to getting them where they are now. Why not apply that same thinking to becoming successful at loving your body?

You Can Take Control

When I decided I was going to cut my hair off, most of my friends and family didn’t believe I’d do it and a few tried to talk me out of it. But I did cut it anyway….and I kept cutting it. Cutting my hair quickly became one of my favorite ways to switch up my look. Over the years, I’ve had quite a few people (men and women) ask me why. My answer hasn’t changed much: I do it because I want to! Hair, specifically Black hair, can be an emotional subject, everyone has an opinion about your hair and they have no issue sharing it with you no matter how you feel about it.

Don’t be afraid to take control! Your hair is attached to your body and your body belongs to you. I encourage you to do what YOU want with YOUR hair no matter what that is. Even If you decide you don’t want to change it at all. I know I just contradicted myself but that’s okay because what I really want you to do is take control of your body and your decisions regarding it! 🙂

You Can Let Go

One of my biggest stressors is feeling out of control and one of my biggest stress relievers is to change my hair! Every time I cut my hair, I feel like I am letting go of every negative experience that happened and negative emotion I felt while the hair was on my head. I cut away stress and anxiety. I cut away negative thoughts and feeling hopeless. I cut away all the bad and I get to start over!

Learn to let go. It might be hard but removing reminders of things and people that don’t add value to your life can make it much easier. If you can do that, you’re well on your way to letting go by learning not fixating on whatever that thing is!

You Can Find U

A few years ago, I really wanted a tapered cut (very little hair on the sides and back, much longer hair on top). To achieve my vision, I’ve learned to cut my own hair, to braid (with yarn, kanekalon or marley hair) and to cornrow. At the time, I was doing a lot of updos that offset the masculinity of the cut and I also tried out several types of hair before landing on a look I loved. Within 6 months of rocking the style, I figured out my personal style: regal + edgy! In doing so, I was able to work on completely overhauling my wardrobe through purging and new purchases!

Find U by finding one thing to change (no matter how big or small). In doing so, you’ll figure out colors, textures and shapes that really speak to you. As you discover your favorites, take note of how you feel and what you tend wear with those things. From there, you’ll be well on your way to looking and feeling how you want to feel all the time!

You Can Discover a New Talent

By now you’ve probably figured out that for the most part, I do my own hair and I’ve gotten pretty good at it! I don’t have to pay someone else which means I also don’t have to leave the house or make appointments. With that said, I have little interest in doing anyone else’s hair. I color friends’ hair*** from time to time but that’s about it. Being able to do my own hair well is a talent I get to enjoy for myself.

If you discover a new talent, consider how you can use it. When it comes to hair, there will never be a shortage of people who need their hair done or want to learn how to do it themselves: just look at YouTube! Consider teaching others or doing their hair for them. Consider getting professionally trained and making a business out of it. Consider starting a blog and/your YouTube channel. OR do what I do and make it a part of your self-care regimen!

You Can Have Fun

Although I mentioned cutting my hair a lot, my favorite thing to do is coloring it! Every time I catch a glimpse a bold, bright color on my head, it makes me smile. If I’m having a rough day, it can be an instant mood booster! And believe it or not, there is a method to how I choose my hair colors: I use color theory (as I do for the site)! In recent years, I’ve worn a lot of blue, blue green, green, and my 2016 color is pastel purple. Why? Because all of these colors make me feel both regal (hint, hint) and relaxed! In the event that nothing else caught your attention, it is just plain fun to change your hair. And we all deserve space to have fun!

If you aren’t ready to commit to making a drastic change to your hair, keep it simple with accessories, jewelry or makeup. Or apply the same principles to changing something totally unrelated to your hair! Just think of a change you’d like to make and go for it!

How can you change your hair today? Let me know in the comments below!

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*Don’t cut your hair right before going to see Beyoncé LOL!
**I’m speaking specific to the features that make me feel most feminine and not to a specific beauty standard.
***Though I bleach my own hair, I will only color others’ with a box kit. I’ve had this hair for 31 years so I know it well 🙂

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