Slow Down

Dominique in front of light purple wall. She is wearing a light blue tigger onsie with one hand resting on the side of her face with her arms on a light purple pillow.

Does the new year make you feel like you should be doing something? If so, you’re not alone!

In November, I decided to take it easy in January and slowly build on my goals. In December, I decided to not even worry about setting my 2019 intentions until January. Mainly because I didn’t see the point in rushing. Also, I like to set birthday goals so my halfway point is actually January 29th!

But like all busy bodies I like doing too much, so I ended up finishing my 2018 intentions review earlier than expected. And like any good busy body who completes a task early, I like to jump to the next task instead of taking a break in between.

Somewhere between December 30th and 31st, I decided I should do some things to start the year off “right”. And on January 1st, I spent the day feeling anxious. Not because I had 800 things to do BUT because I kept thinking of things I “should” do that I wasn’t doing.

Unless you’re new here, you know that this is actually progress for me! I successfully did NOT add a bunch of things to my to do list. I did things but only what needed to be done that day. And by the time I went to bed, I felt confident that what I did was enough!

There were 4 more days left in that week so the feeling that I needed to do more reminded me of something I hate about new years.

I love a fresh start. I love the feeling of optimism and hope that everyone seems to have. And I love all the sequins, glitter, and confetti associated with this time of year!

But I hate the pressure to hit the ground running. I hate starting the year already stressed about goals and accomplishments. I hate the expectation of failure from others. And I especially hate when people burn themselves out and end up feeling like their efforts weren’t enough.

December and January are probably the busiest months of the year. So why put even more pressure on yourself? Why not try something more sustainable this year? Why not just take your time?

Take a break if you didn’t get one during the holidays. Slow down if you’re already feeling overwhelmed. Break up your goals into smaller ones. Or just focus on one at a time.

There are 11 months to go so pace yourself. Think about how you can spread your goals out over the rest of the year. Because everything doesn’t need to be done (or even started) in January…or even February.

If you need a reminder to slow down and take your time, try light purple! It’s relaxing, soothing, and a gentle reminder that you deserve time to sit down somewhere.

Get the light purple color card and give yourself the love you deserve with a Self Love Check-In!

How are you treating yourself in 2019? Let me know in the comments.

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